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Technical Summary

  • 9 years experience Postgres and MySQL.
  • 14 years experience Oracle.
  • 10 years experience Oracle DBA.
  • 13 years experience Unix Sysadmin.
  • 9 years experience Financial and Business Analysis.
  • 20 years experience Unix scripts (shell,awk,sed,perl).
  • 20+ years experience Programming and writing scripts in HTML, C, COBOL, FORTRAN, LISP, PASCAL, BASIC, JCL, Assembler, REXX, SQL, CLIPPER, on numerous mainframe, midrange and micro platforms.


2009-2018 Fuji Xerox DMS. Melbourne
Programmer / Systems Analyst.
  • Write and develop and maintain for print and online processing at Fuji Xerox Document Management Services. Perl, Shell, C, Unix, Windows.
2007-2009 Salmat Pty Ltd. Melbourne
Perl Programmer / Systems Analyst.
  • Perl Programmer/Analyst/Developer. (part time) COBOL programmer. Write and develop scripts for Salmat processes (print warehouse)
2006-2007 PGTS Pty Ltd, (Various Clients) Melbourne/Sydney
Contract Programmer / System Analyst.
  • Part-time Programmer, Systems Analyst PGTS Pty. Ltd.
  • Perl Programmer/Analyst/Developer. COBOL programmer. Write and develop scripts for pre-processing of print applications.
2004-2006 PGTS Pty Ltd, (Various Clients) Melbourne/Sydney/Canberra
Contract Programmer / System Analyst.
  • Part-time contract supporting Fintrax Daily Operations in Canberra.
  • Short-term contract as operations manager with HBA (BUPA) during last stage of Conversion from MVS mainframe to Sun Unix.
  • Long-term contract as COBOL perl programmer, converting batch processing from JCL/COBOL on MVS to perl/COBOL on AIX. This involved analysis, design and programming in Mainframe and Unix environments in perl, C, COBOL and JCL and some DB2 COBOL programs. It also involved travel between Melbourne and Sydney
2002-2004 PGTS Pty Ltd Surrey Hills, Vic
System Administrator / Contract DBA / Webmaster
  • Install and administer PGTS LAN and Website, including Postgres backend.
  • Write and edit content for PGTS Website.
  • Install, upgrade and configure Oracle Databases on Windows and UNIX for clients.
  • Write shell scripts in Perl, Shell, SQLplus, MS cmd.
  • Work for clients in the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) sector.
  • Work for clients via telecommuting in various parts of Australia.
  • Develop documentation and recommend solutions for various corporate clients.
  • Work with Telebig (France) supporting customs online system as Oracle DBA (with Fintrax Australia).
2001-2002 MGA Pty Ltd Richmond, Vic
Senior IT Consultant / Contract DBA
  • Recommend Solutions. Working principally with clients in the Electricity/Energy sector.
  • Install, upgrade and configure Oracle Databases on Windows and UNIX.
  • Write shell scripts in Perl, Shell, SQLplus, MS cmd.
2000-2001 NEMMCO Pty Ltd Melbourne, Vic
Contract Oracle DBA
  • Provide support for Oracle Database on AIX UNIX system in a distributed database environment (AIX and NT).
  • Support Development Team.
  • Manage RDBMS access.
  • Prepare and manage data archival and retrieval, using exp, imp and SQLload.
  • Apply and document schema and package changes.
  • On-call support for AIX and Quest Shareplex.
  • Assist resolution of (technical and or RDBMS related) user problems in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC and SA
  • Write shell and perl scripts to assist in database maintenance and NAT server function.
1996- Enrik Corporation. Blackburn, Vic
Contract Analyst / Programmer
  • Design and program order entry and Receivables system in MS-Access
  • Design and create awk scripts to convert data from old SCO system.
  • Manage cutover and implement new system.
  • Provide ongoing support. This was done after hours, and continues to the present day (now managed by PGTS Pty Ltd).
1995-1999 Motorola Corporation. Scoresby, Vic
Contract Analyst / Programmer
  • Provide on-call support for financials application.
  • Provide Oracle DBA support and UNIX support (HPUX, SunOS, AIX, Linux).
  • Upgrade RDBMS and Financials Application and migrate data to new instances.
  • Customise Financials Application for Motorola Corporation.
  • Write shell, awk, SQL scripts, C programs and COBOL to migrate data from IBM Mainframe.
  • Provide system and applications support for IBM Mainframe and IMS-DB until cutover in 1996
  • Work with and provide advice to finance department management in improving office automation.
1994-1995 Telstra Australia. Melbourne, Vic
Contract Analyst / Programmer
  • Write online CICS / DB2 COBOL programs for IBM MVS system.
  • Use TELON CODE Generator.
  • Write and maintain JCL and DB2 COBOL batch programs.
  • Document all procedures according to Telstra standards.
1992-1994 Network GP. Melbourne, Vic
Contract Analyst / Programmer
  • Write batch IMS-DB COBOL programs and JCL for Chicago-based IBM MVS system.
  • Write and maintain online CICS / DL1 programs for Mulgrave-based IBM DOS/VSE system.
  • Write and maintain JCL and batch programs for DOS/VSE system using numerous IBM and CA tools.
  • Provide on-call support to Operations for the 7x15 Batch/Online IBM environment.
1988-1991 Chemplex Australia Ltd. West Footscray, Vic
Senior Analyst / Communications Specialist
  • Write programs for PC-DOS systems using CLIPPER, C, 8086 assembler, and PC-DOS batch scripts.
  • Aid finance department in the integration of IBM mainframe and PC Systems.
  • Write scripts in EASYTRIEVE, JCL and programs in COBOL for the IBM mainframe.
1986-1988 Fluor Daniel Australia Ltd. Melbourne, Vic
Systems Analyst
  • Write programs for PC-DOS systems using CLIPPER, C and 8086 and Lisp
  • Recommend solutions to replace Mainframe with PC-based technologies.
  • Evaluate and recommend hardware.
  • Evaluate and recommend a PC LAN
  • Administer and support PC-LAN (Novell)
  • Provide technical support and write scripts for AutoCAD workstations.
1979-1986 Self-Employed. NSW/ACT
Free-Lance Contractor
  • Worked as tutor at Canberra CAE (Computing Studies Department)
  • Wrote Software for Real-Time Control Systems
  • Wrote Software for MIDI controllers.
  • Wrote Software for VAX/VMS
  • Wrote Software for FAYCOM mainframe
  • Worked as musician in South Coast Rock Band The Ferals and others.
  • Played piano in numerous bars and clubs in ACT and NSW
1976-1979 Dept of Defense. Canberra, ACT
Computer Systems Officer
  • Write and Maintain programs on the UNIVAC 1100 in UNIVAC Assembler and COBOL.
  • Resolve problems referred to Software Centre.
  • Worked as part of the Project Team developing a Restart/Recovery system for the TIP COBOL environment
1973-1974 Monash Dept of Biochemistry. Clayton, VIC
Research Assistant
  • Assist research into the mechanisms of mitochondrial genetics
  • Prepare cultures and extract mitochondrial DNA
  • Operate a variety of analytical equipment in the laboratories.
  • Liaise with the Dept of Chemistry to assist in synthesis and testing of organic compounds for anti-fungal activity.


1973 Swinburne College Hawthorn, Vic
B.Sc., Applied Biochemistry
1975 Monash University Clayton, VIC
B.Sc., Computer Science (Dept of Mathematics)
Other Courses completed include:
  • Basic Japanese (Western Australian Institute of Technology)
  • Basic typing skills (Caulfield Institute of Technology)
  • Private Pilot's License (Moorabin).


  • Cycling
  • Music
  • Science
  • Aviation

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