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Last Updated: 17-Oct-2010 14:21 UTC

Description Price
Onsite Linux Installation Tutorial $280.00
Website Setup/Maintenance and Security $Call
Scripts/Database Programming $Call
LAN Setup and Configuration $Call
Data Conversion, Import/Export $Call

(Add Travelling costs outside Melbourne Greater Metropolis)


PGTS offers a limited range of support including:

  • Website/Network configuration and Security.
  • Oracle DBA Support, tuning, maintenance, configuration and/or upgrade(s).
  • Systems Analysis and programming.
  • IT Consulting and Strategy Advice.
  • System maintenance and configuration.
  • Shell scripts and CGI scripts for Web based design.
  • Office automation, Business analysis.
  • Postgres, Linux, BSD and perl scripts and tuning.


Are you considering out-sourcing components of your business? PGTS Pty. Ltd. has extensive experience in this field. Call us for an obligation-free quote.

Part-Time Support

If your system does not warrant a full time administrator or DBA, you should consider hiring such support on a part-time basis. Much of this work can be done by dial-in access. PGTS Pty. Ltd. can organise experienced and professional support and/or advice for all your RDBMS and IT needs. Ring or send an E-Mail and we will organise a consultant for an obligation-free assessment.