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Fedback Column, August 2002.

If you have a question regarding any of the articles in this journal, or some comments please send them in. If there are any general questions about Unix or Database Administration, I will attempt to answer them.

If you wish to have the text of your e-mail printed in this fedback column, you should include at least your first name. If you include this information, the body text of your e-mail will be published along with your name. I will try and guess your city and country, although you could help me out by providing the information. Other information, such as your e-mail address, or any other additional information about you, that could be extracted from your e-mail, will be withheld, unless you request otherwise.

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Open Source Analyses.

I very much enjoyed your three essays on this topic.

A couple of minor niggles though: firstly, there never was any such
beast as  DARPANET.

ARPANET was created when the funding agency was called ARPA (Advanced
Research Projectsz Agency) who funded, inter alia, Project MAC and the
world's greatest operating system Multics.

Later ARPA was retitled DARPA (Defense....) but the network was never

Also, the possessive of the pronoun "it" is "its", not "its'". The
writer consistenly gets this wrong.

Deryk Barker,
Camosun College, Canada

Many thanks to Deryk for the info. And for noticing the serious apostrophe abuse. Actually Deryck was a bit slow off the mark. I had already been visited by the apostrophe police within hours of my article appearing. Ok, I confess. I am a serial apostrophe abuser. I have tried to mend my ways, but it is hard to overcome the unfortunate habit of a lifetime of such abuse.

-- GP