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Fedback Column, September 2002.

If you have a question regarding any of the articles in this journal, or some comments please send them in. If there are any general questions about Unix or Database Administration, I will attempt to answer them.

If you wish to have the text of your e-mail printed in this fedback column, you should include at least your first name. If you include this information, the body text of your e-mail will be published along with your name. I will try and guess your city and country, although you could help me out by providing the information. Other information, such as your e-mail address, or any other additional information about you, that could be extracted from your e-mail, will be withheld, unless you request otherwise.

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A question that has a arisen a couple of times is what does PGTS stand for?

The initials mean Patterson Geological and Technical Services. Although in the last ten years there has been very little Geological work. The main focus of PGTS these days is in the area of computing and databases.