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Spam Turkey

It seems the only one who'd give a spammer a good reference is his own mother. And since mothers went online - Spammers may not be able to count on maternal affection. Why do we love to hate them? Some Reasons are offered: Here.

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Last Updated: 2011-06-14 11:24 UTC

PGTS Journal Edition 0008
November, 2002

Spam Turkey Bastards - Everyone hates them

Why Do We Love To Hate Them?

This month our feature article re-examines the topic of spam. There have already been two articles on spam, published in this Journal. In the previous articles it was noted that there seems to be a considerable amount of antipathy directed at spammers. In fact the degree of hostility seems to be out of all proportion to the offence. This article suggest a possible reason for this antipathy.

Spamming in its' own right is basically impolite behaviour. Here are some suggested rules of netiquette for the

Perl Scripts

Also if you are looking for sample perl scripts, you might want to check the source code for the script which generates page rankings for this site. If you have a GUI browser you should see the the page rankings link in the right hand column.

There are also some perl scripts for Windows NT/2000 which create a clone of an Oracle database.