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Feedback: October 2003, Published: November 2003

If you have a question regarding any of the articles in this journal, or some comments please send them in. If there are any general questions about Unix or Database Administration, I will attempt to answer them.


Hints for this month:

How do I turn on syntax checking for pgtclsh in Vim

Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 13:32:46 +1100
From: Gerry Patterson

Ok, it's probably well documented somewhere -- but I couldn't find it.
So I resorted to find (that's /usr/bin/find) and grep.

On my system there was a file in the Vim scripts directory called

I found a comment line as follows:
" TCL scripts

Underneath it was the line that nominates which shebangs to treat as TCL.
On my system it looked like this:
elseif s:line1 =~ '^#!.*[/\\]\(tclsh\|wish\|expectk\|itclsh\|itkwish\)\>'

I added pgtclsh to the list, so that it looked like this:
elseif s:line1 =~ '^#!.*[/\\]\(tclsh\|wish\|expectk\|itclsh\|itkwish\|pgtclsh\)\>'

And Voila! TCL syntax checking was switched on for pgtclsh scripts.

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