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Feedback: October 2004, Published: November 2004

Apologies for not publishing my feedback column.

One of the feedback items for this month, not included here, was from Nigerian 419 scammerr, Mr. James Thidiela, Retired Colonel and ADC (Military Assistant) to UNITA Leader Mr. Jonas Savimbi (DECEASED), who invited me to share in his wealth from a diamond mine. James Thidiela carefully cut and pasted his spiel into the PGTS feedback form from IP address at the time 2004-09-29 15:01 GMT. I haven't included his email since the headers all belong to PGTS. is a dial-in address from Infracom Italia.


Webbot List

From: Geoff
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 21:43:42 +1000 (EST)

Dear Webmaster,

 -- Message Follows --
Hi, I found your great resource for webbot lists. I have implemented a
portion of code in PHP that downloads your tab del'd format of webbots
and checks weather it should count a valid hit or not. I would just like
to know if this service is going to be around for a while and assume
that it is safe to hardcode the url in my script.


PS: SVS is a non profit home run site and is not used for any commercial applications

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Webbot List (2)

From: Geoff
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 22:06:04 +1000 (EST)

Dear Webmaster,

 -- Message Follows --
Oh, another note:

I have just picked up a crawler that is not in your file, here is the
UserAgent string:

Mozilla/3.0 (INGRID/3.0 MT;;

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