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Web Design

This month features some contributions from Dan Byrnes, on the topic of Web Design. And a review of the Silktide Site Score by Brian Robson

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Last Updated: 2011-06-14 11:15 UTC

PGTS Journal Edition 0027
December, 2004

December 2004

Back again, thanks to Dan for prompting me to publish this.

Web Design

Dan Byrnes has been rather quiet lately. Apart from recovering from an unfortunate incident last month, he has been busy finishing off assignments for a course in Web Design. And it seems that he has learnt to ... Keep it Simple! Anyone else contemplating designing a website would be well advised to do the same. This month he has contributed some Notes On Web Design and a Website Check List.

Sydney webmaster and programmer, Brian Robson trials a British Website which claims to be able to automatically test and evaluate websites. This is the Silktide Sitescore. You can read his review here. Or course, I couldn't resist testing the PGTS site. The scores for PGTS where:

Marketing 8.6
Design 8.6
Accessibility 8.6
Experience 8.7
Overall 7.8

Also there is a last minute addition ... Another contribution from Dan Byrnes. This time on the topic of war correspondence. This is the first time that I have published satire, but the parody that Dan sent was so good, I thought it shouldn't just languish in my inbox.

Readers of Dan's Lost Worlds site will be pleased to hear that he is once again updating it regularly.