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Last Updated: 2011-06-14 11:02 UTC

PGTS Journal Edition 0029
February, 2005

Setting Up A DNS Block List

DNS Block lists are probably the simplest way to reduce spam considerably. This article explains how to set it up for sendmail.

FireFox - Another Open Source Success

Last month saw a dramatic shift in the usage of browsers. The PGTS stats now show Mozilla and MSIE running neck and neck. This has been mainly due to the phenomenal growth in the use of FireFox. The little fox is a genuine trail blazer.

Of course, visitors to this site have always shown a marked preference for Open Source Browsers and Operating Systems. But the rapid rise in the FireFox figures indicate that there is something else happening. A closer examination of the figures is very interesting:

This is a sizeable chunk of the Windows market and the (percentage) number of Windows XP users is actually higher than for most other browsers visiting the PGTS site (except MSIE of course). So far this month there have been 6123 hits from Windows XP users using MSIE 6.0 and 4787 from Windows XP users running FireFox. There is more about this in the PGTS blog.