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Thread: Internet Standards & Competition

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RingOfSaturn and other sites

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Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 01:48:37 +1100

Yesterday I was looking for some webtools that could run nslookup and other network tools. I was not able to use these (because I was at a site which had provided me with a Microsoft workstation and used proxy servers that ban network tools).

I discovered a website called, which had a Tools Page. This is is an Apache/2.0.52 (FreeBSD) PHP/4.3.10 mod_ssl/2.0.52 OpenSSL/0.9.7d server. The home page is well constructed, using css and javascript, but it also supports non-script browsers.

The tools include:

I tried the browser sniffer, and the script ran an impressive array of tests. It is quite scary what a sniffer can discover from a GUI browser running on a Microsoft machine.

I also tried the tools with w3m and it also worked. The browser sniffer did not discover as much and did not have access to javascript, vbscript or java (and no security holes). But it did a thorough job on HTTP headers.

Dig (domain information groper) is the well-known DNS-lookup utility. IP calculator is for netmasks. Probe remote host, offers information on Domain/Network and DNS records. It also offers Port scan and Traceroute.

I tried nslookup on my site:

After the problems that had been reported by Steve (in Canberra) I tried Tracerouting to from RingOfSaturn using TCP packets...

 1 (  16.938 ms  16.869 ms  16.893 ms
 2 (  17.086 ms  17.126 ms  16.972 ms
 3 (  17.202 ms  17.234 ms  17.171 ms
 4 (  17.481 ms  17.276 ms  17.452 ms
 5 (  17.443 ms  17.533 ms  17.812 ms
 6 (  19.356 ms  18.762 ms  18.762 ms
 7 (  18.803 ms  18.733 ms  18.787 ms
 8 (  49.708 ms  49.103 ms  49.048 ms
 9 (  49.089 ms  49.051 ms  49.493 ms
10 (  59.884 ms  59.812 ms  59.857 ms
11 (  60.300 ms  60.044 ms  62.032 ms
12 (  209.407 ms  208.869 ms  209.001 ms
13 (  208.745 ms  208.766 ms  208.870 ms
14 (  217.076 ms  216.956 ms  223.291 ms
15  * * *
16  * * *
17 (  230.660 ms  229.677 ms  230.008 ms
18  * * *
19  * * *
20 (  247.570 ms  247.519 ms  262.198 ms
21 ( [open]  247.545 ms  247.502 ms  248.516 ms

All looks ok to me ... bit slow ... but ok? The online quizzes consists of 19 tests on:

The tests on Cisco look very tough, or at least they do to someone who like me who knows very little about Cisco routers. I took the test on Subnetting class B and got 90%. (oops -- I didn't know the answer to the last question -- oh well I am a self-taught network administrator) Most embarrassingly I only got 90% on the "vi" test (I clicked on the wrong box -- even though I knew the correct answer. Typical for someone who is over-confident!)

This is a very good site, and obviously built by an experienced administrator. I heartily commend it to anyone who is looking for robust, fast online network tools. It happens occasionally ...

I'd love to be able to say that was W3C, but sadly, they did not pass.

But while I was surfing I came across a blog called Postneo 2.0, by Matt Croydon. This, while I was surfing for blogs to give me a few ideas. Great blog, well maintained and current. It gives me something to aim for ... I don't know how he finds the time though. Also he may have found the right niche (Apple) In the meantime, I will add it to my list of bookmarks.

Also for those who really want to "Get The Facts", you could start here for Novell's counter-punch to the Microsoft "Get The Facts" FUD.

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