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Thread: General/Opinion

Author Image Gerry Patterson. The world's most humble blogger
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Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 09:47:58 +1100

Still not many people have seen this blog. The stats so far are:
Type    Visits   Hits Agent
----    ------   ---- -----
Visitor      8      8 MSIE 6.0
Visitor      4      6 Mozilla Firefox 1.0
Visitor      1      1 Netscape 7.2

Robot        9     11 Googlebot 2.1
Robot        2      3 MSNbot 0.3
Robot        2      3 Yahoo! Slurp
Robot        1      2 Ocelli 1.3
Robot        1      1 E-SocietyRobot
Robot        1      3 Junkbot/Spambot
Robot        1      1 Squid-Prefetch
Robot        1      1 Ichiro 1.0

It's still early days. These figures should change considerably when I put a link on the agent string information panels.

Of course, the Robots came first. I was surprised that MSNbot was the first to discover the blog. It had only been up for an hour when MSNbot pounced on it. The GoogleBot arrived eight hours later. As I expected the GoogleBot kept coming back. It now has a higher hit rate. Almost as much as the other Bots combined. It accounted for 44% of the hits to the blog. I expect that once Googlebot realises this file is being updated regularly it will keep on coming back.

Of course the Googlebot has as almost as much under the hood as all the other Bots combined so it has the horsepower to keep it up.

Also I have received a couple of emails with links to this article in BusinessWeek about Linux, and Linus Torvolds. An in-depth and interesting article.

I should add (this has been added post blog entry) that I discovered an interesting error when I tried to validate this page. According to the W3C site one should not use bare ampersands in URLs. Instead these should be coded as '&'. This was news to me. I have written an entire job tracking system that generates URLs that do not obey this convention! It is only available to customers, so these pages won't be sent to the validator.

There are several areas in the agent_string pages where these non-standard URLs occur.

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