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Thread: Internet Standards & Competition

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New Titles For PS3

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Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 23:54:51 +1000

The competition continues in the games console market. The three market leaders can still claim substantial chunks of the market, and for the time being no single manufacturer dominates the market.

The Wii has made substantial gains by aiming for the mums and kids market segment. By going after this much neglected segment with the revolutionary Wii Remote and the rather simple but effective DS has turned out to be good strategy Nintendo.

Although I'm not an avid gamer myself, I do have three young children, and they have all expressed an interest in the Nintendo Wii and DS Lite. We have one DS Lite already, and we may soon have another.

Probably if we'd had a HD TV and there had been a few more titles for youngsters, a PS 3 might have found its way into our household. For the time being the PS 3 and the Xbox 360 continue to compete for the lucrative young adult male market segment. As I predicted earlier, some games are now starting to emerge for the PS 3 (Metal Gear Solid 4 and Gran Turismo 5). These new titles have formerly attracted strong support in their customer base. Also the new controller and the Blu-Ray player make the PS 3 an attractive package.

The Xbox still maintains a large customer base, and even though they are not expanding their their sales as rapidly as the other two segments, they should hang on to their established base for the time being.

And it seems that both the PS 3 and the Xbox may soon be releasing a remote that performs similarly to the Wii REmote

Strong competition amongst three large multi-nationals can only be good for consumers.

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