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Thread: Format Wars, Standards & Competition

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Web Standards and Mobile Devices

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Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 23:51:25 +1000

Today the "Wall Street Journal", had many articles about the "Cost" of the "bailout". The Real cost, The True cost, the Ultimate cost, etc. Also, there was an interesting article about the iPhone. If I might quote:
The Massachusetts attorney general's office and the National Federation of the Blind reached an agreement with Apple Inc. under which the consumer-electronics icon will make its iTunes service accessible to the blind.

The article also mentions that Target have just settled a class-action suit brought by the National Federation of the Blind, which requires them to implement guidelines to make its site more accessible to the blind by Feb. 28, 2009.

I wonder if Target are considering Web Standards and W3C? If they're not, they certainly should be.

Also, rumours abound that Nintendo is considering including a web-camera and music playback in a new version of the DS. I wonder if any Telcos are considering offering them a 3G service with the new Nintendo DS? Ok, I'm being very mischevious to even suggest such a thing.

Yes interesting times lie ahead. And if you can afford to buy one of these mobile devices, which one will you buy?

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