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Thread: Internet Freedom/Filtering

Author Image Gerry Patterson. The world's most humble blogger
Mission Accomplished -- George Bush, 2003.

Sex, Money And Politics

Chronogical Blog Entries:

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 01:56:14 +1100

Recently I tried Googling for It seems that your own humble blogger is now in the fourth position in the Google page rankings for this search string. The number one spot is still held by "". Well fair enough! That is to be expected, If one searches for "", the number one match is most likely to be "".

Now as it turns out, the website at "" is just a page announcing that "Web2Upgrade is Launching TODAY!". And that's it! Nothing else! All the eye-candy and other gee-whiz gizmos are gone. There's just a plain black and white screen. (huh?)

Although I haven't really kept up with the "CashBlasterPro Turkeys", I seem to recall that when they spammed me way back in June, the "launch" of Web2Upgrade was imminent. Well, <sarcasm>maybe they have had a few technical issues with the launch</sarcasm>.

In fact, the website at "" is nothing more than an "under construction" page. And the main reason that still have an Internet presence at all seems largely due to shared videos and a massive splogging campaign undertaken by the cashblasterpro crew. The whole structure now seems to be an empty shell.

All of which begs the question ,,, Why are they still online? What puzzles me is their method of generating cash flow. The disturbing possibility occurs to me that some people are still donating to the "CashBlasterPro Turkeys". Why else would they (the CashBlasterPro scammers) keep running the Google ads, and keep the webpages online? Are there still some unfortunate gullible netizens giving away money to Well there probably are. It's sad but true. A remarkable affirmation of P.T. Barnum's infamous principal (there's a sucker born every minute).

And while on the topic of money, I got another email from my old pal Mike Gasior, with the subject "Here is Your November Mike Gasior Newsletter". Mike begins by stating that he doesn't want to appear to be a crybaby, and then proceeds to cry like a baby about pension plans, taxation and the parlous state of US capitalism. One of the weaker points in his email was his thesis that, economically speaking, the rot set in during the presidency of Bill Clinton. He does concede, however, that a teensy-weensy, itsy-bitsy little bit of blame could be apportioned to the "Bush Turkeys".

Someday historians will marvel at how George W. Bush Jnr was able to accomplish so easily what Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Osama Bin Ladin and Saddam Hussein would have, if only they could have, namely, the destruction of US capitalism. It seems that many of the American People have been asking the wrong question. Instead of asking "Where is Osama?", the should have been asking "Where is all the money?". There used to be a lot of it in the USA. Now it just seems to have evapourated. Trickled up into space, generally.

Before Georgie Dubbya rides off into the Texas sunset, maybe The American People might want ask him to empty his saddle bags and turn out his pockets. Because there sure as hell seems to be a lot of money missing. Hey! Easy come, easy go! As they so often say in the USA.

It seems that Mike (Gasior) is not happy about the demise of capitalism in the USA. Not happy about the election of Obama. Not happy about the future of his pension fund. In fact he is not happy in general with things in the USA and is thinking about leaving. The following thought occurs to your humble blogger:

Really? But where will you go, Mike? Can we expect you to immigrate soon? Capitalism is not faring very well in Oz either.

If you are curious about Mike's latest "newsletter", dear reader, you can find it online. As always, I found some of Mike's email amusing. Especially the part where he tries to argue that the real damage to the American economy was done during the Clinton years. Although he does give a grudging admission about Bushonomics he mostly tries to gloss over the disastrous record of the outgoing administration. I sent a copy of Mike's email to Armidale "Poet Without A Blog", Dan Byrnes. Byrnes replied:

I see your well-informed and agonised mate Mike Gasior is in a pacily-gloomy mood, and I conclude the best thing he could do for himself is to uproot from downtown Connecticut, where he seems to live, and which is probably not a little expensive in an upwardly mobile kinda way, head out to Orstralia (rhymes with failure), chum up with Malcolm Turnbull and/or Neville Wran, and get on with the rest of his life in a this-is-how-we-do-it-away-from-the-USA kinda way. He's right about some things, but he's still got a gut-held belief about silly taxation systems and trickle-down economics. So he's self-subverting. I like what British PM William Pitt the Younger finally said when he'd put his Income Tax Bill for the third time, and finally won,. "And so the idea you see is that we leave 'em all pretty much as we found 'em." Really don't see how that can be improved on, if it applies justly to all in the land.

Yeah well, things seem to be tough all over. And believe me things are going to get worse before they get better (BTW who said they were going to get better anyway?).

Meanwhile Microsoft's latest operating system for the Xbox is getting some rave reviews. Of course, you have to take all this with a grain of salt. In fact more than a grain! Microsoft have been caught out salting their claims before (if you will allow me to resort to gold-digging metaphors). But if it is true that Microsoft can really deliver working software for the Xbox, does this mean that they can deliver a working desktop operating system. (Please dear reader, don't cite "Vista" as a "working" operating system).

All very interesting, but the hottest news in Oz is the launch of a new political party. The "Sex Party". Now your humble blogger is at a rather advanced age, dear reader, and almost past the point of showing interest in the topic ... Oh slight exaggeration there, dear reader! I admit that even senior citizens such as your humble blogger get a few offers from "nice young girls", from eastern parts of Europe, who would like to strike up an email dialogue with a possible view to matrimony. And sometimes, dear reader, I even get offered various wares to improve my male parts and otherwise enhance my sex life.

But this new sex party might inject a bit of steam in our lower garments.

Now of course we would all like the Internet to be a nice educational place where people can find out where to buy the latest copy of a Microsoft Operating System and/or purchase the latest copy of another Hollywood remake of a fifties classic. But it seems that some folks have made money out of Sex. Quite a bit of money in fact. And last time I checked this out, it appears that one of the centres of "Adult Entertainment" was Canberra! Yes dear reader it's true. The seat of our government and parliament is also the "Sex Capital of Oz". Or it was! Until the Internet came along and the whole thing began to decentralise somewhat. But there is still a fair bit of money in Sex. Could that be a force to be reckoned with in politics?

Well, it seems that our own good government have promised to get rid of those naughty bits on the Internet. And actually it was a rather foolish promise, because all of the proposals so far just won't work. They will slow down the Internet (just what we need in Australia, a slower Internet!). They will impose unreasonable costs (which will be passed along to hapless consumers). But the solutions won't work!

There is s lot of bullshit being promulgated by those who advocate Internet Filtering. And most mention the alarming and emotive topic of "child pornography". In fact, there are no sites that offer "child pornography" to the public. That's because content like "child pornography" (and "snuff movies" etc) are illegal.

If those who advocate filtering as a means of removing these sites could give an example of just one site! Just one! I will humbly eat huge portions of humble pie (and pass the URL to the appropriate authorities). But of course they can't. Sites that promote and distribute paedophilia would have to keep a low profile. Their member lists would be closely guarded secrets. The police who investigate these cases often do so by infiltrating sites with assumed aliases and tracing IP addresses to find other members. But you won't find them in Google and they will not be blocked by filtering, because they aren't available to the public.

So if filtering doesn't stop paedophilia why is it still being considered by our government? Well, largely because they are lazy and they think that show-casing a policy of blocking kiddy porn is a sly means of obtaining a free kick! Nobody cares if there is a little collateral blocked adult-content, do they? So hey! let's make big a play for the wowser vote!

How wrong they are! The "adult entertainment and retail sector" might just be one of the largest in the Internet economy!

So, will anyone object if our little Oz government tries to filter it?

Umm, well ... yes! Actually they will!

But how much influence could a "Sex Party" have? I mean what resources could they possibly have?

Money, sex and politics ... Yeah, maybe that will work ...

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