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Thread: Politics

Author Image Gerry Patterson. The world's most humble blogger
Taking dinosaurs off this island is the worst idea in the long sad history of bad ideas -- Dr. Ian Malcolm [Jurassic Park: Lost World]

And The Winner Is ...

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Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2010 23:44:58 +1000

At long last we know the election result. Once again your blogger must eat humble pie. This time the pollster were right! It really was close! After their poor performance in the previous three elections, it seemed reasonable to consider that polls have not been very successful at predicting the result. Your blogger hopes that he will be forgiven for being sceptical about polls and pollsters in general.

Note: This was one of several posts related to Internet Filtering -- Click here to see the Index page.

It's going to be Ugly!
But -- It's going to be Beautiful in its Ugliness!

-- Rob Oakeshot -- Independant Member For Lyne

In an election this close, it's probably fair enough to consider that Communications and IT were important factors ... Those itsy bitsy little specialist issues are just what it takes to swing an election!

And in matters technical, the Coalition's finely crafted and cleverly timed Internet Filtering policy announcement might have almost won them an election! Ahh ... But sadly for the coalition, the tactically brilliant internet filtering gunboat was decisively blown out of the water by a withering broadside ... From their own broadband policy!

Or more correctly anti-broadband policy (?)

Both the independent candidates who came out in support of the government nominated "broadband" as one of the main reasons for their support.

Is there a lesson here for politicians? Maybe the lesson is that there a couple of other sectors in the economy, apart from minerals and energy that have some "political muscle"?

Meanwhile there have been some interesting developments in the on-going Internet Filtering debacle. After many scandals, and general public disenchantment with NSW state politics, the Department of Parliamentary Services has carried out an audit of computers used by State members.

Now unlike a certain recently re-lected Senator's lame attempts at conducting a pilot project on filtering the global Internet ... Carrying out an audit on a few local subnets behind a firewall is relatively simple. And the audit was conducted in a timely and efficient manner ... Although there were a few red-faces after the audit was completed ... Although mostly red in indignation rather than embarrassment.

Fred Nile, vociferous and out-spoken morals campaigner, defiantly stated that he had never viewed pornography on-line!

And after all, dear reader, we would expect no less from a staunch Christian democrat!

Although ... The Reverend Nile was forced to concede that he might have asked one of his staff to do a little "research" into the vexed question of on-line pornography.

And fair enough too! After all dear reader, one must sometimes acquaint one's self with the devil's handiwork in order to better prepare one's self for the "good fight"!

Since one computer in the Reverend Nile's office had accessed some 200,000 pornographic images, your blogger humbly supposes that this "research" was quite extensive! And your blogger further supposes that the conclusions drawn from this "research" would have included the finding that there "is a heck of a lotta pornography out there on the Internet"!

Actually your humble blogger could have told him that ... Without actually downloading the images ... One only has to look at the number of matches returned on a search ... Perhaps Fred Nile and his researchers were just making sure that it really was porn?

Journalists couldn't resist contacting the "Sex Party" for further comment.

Your humble blogger will refrain from further comment.

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