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Thread: Internet Freedom/Filtering

Author Image Gerry Patterson. The world's most humble blogger
When in doubt, tell the truth. -- Mark Twain

DMCA Copyright Trolls

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Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2013 13:18:18 +1000

Recently, an interesting story on Copyright Trolling surfaced on the Internet.

The article was published online in Businessweek on the 30th of May.

It describes a copyright scam run by lawyers Steele and Hansmeier. Under the umbrella "Prenda Law", these scammers took advantage of the fact that, according to the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act, ISPs are required to turn over the personal information of subscribers suspected of wrongdoing.

They trolled the lists and sent out false claims to those listed ... They especially targeted users who had downloaded pornographic data ... Assuming that such victims would be easier to shake-down due to the potential embarrassment associated with being exposed for downloading porn.

The full article can be viewed here.

Update: The perpertrators have since gone on to gain greater Internet Infamy, with their own Wikipedia entry.

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