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Thread: Politics

Author Image Gerry Patterson. The world's most humble blogger
Jojo was a man who thought he was loner --- But he knew it couldn't last.

Six Years In A Leaky Boat

Chronogical Blog Entries:

Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 19:00:48 +1000

On the odd occasion your humble bloggers has employed <sarcasm> tags. These are tags that are invisible to non-sarcastic browsers. But there are times when sarcasm fails. When a recent idea about leaky boats was floated it was just such an occasion.

As many of you may be aware we will soon be going to the polls to exercise our democratic rights. And the two major political parties are striving to demonstrate that they are the "toughest" when it comes to refugees arriving by boat. It seems to have occurred to Mr Abbott to introduce market forces into equation in order to "stop the boats".

In case you were not paying attention, the opposition leader proposes to devote several millions of dollars to "buying back the boats". Probably the most loony tunes idea your humble blogger has encountered since Microsoft announced that they would pay customers to use Bing.

Such is the state of of journalism today that this idea seems to have gone almost unchallenged ... At least from an economic standpoint ... Most of the commentary seems to be about the politics of the region and "the relationship with Indonesia". Although perhaps it is more about the state of politics?

And then your humble blogger received the following from a friend of this website:

Crikey, Tony! Talk about hard to stomach. Let's protect Oz borders by buying all the leaky boats in Indonesia that those dratted people smugglers might buy?! Let's get in first! Gee, what a financial black hole this might open up? Gee, what leaky boats might these dratted people smugglers find, if things dry up in Indonesia, from Malaysia, even Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, maybe east or west Papua New Guinea, the Philippines.

Sky's the limit, really. Talk about a free market! What happens to a free market in leaky boats when an idiot walks in with his eyes glazed with rank ambition, his mouth slavering, and an open cheque book on an up-and-running government, gee, has this ever been tried in history before? I think not, so, what an amazing innovation! I am truly quite stunned!

Would it not happen that some smart chaps would start putting holes in boats that were formerly not leaky? Are they bright enough to do this? Then give their newly leaky boats a new, rustier paint job?

Tony, Tony, Tony, this is not the way to go! Tony, this is a manic-depressive idea, surely. Tony, this is not the way to go re new technology in the maritime arts and sciences and re doing the future a favour. No, so Tone, Tone, think again, this is just regressive.

Tone baby, Tone, I told him, Tone don't go there, don't buy leaky boats. The Ides of Leaky Boats, don't go there, Tone.

Now your blogger should add the humble disclaimer that while he does not endorse the comments above, he can understand why some people might express them.

Ok your blogger will confess to indulging in a little sarcasm here ... He can't understand why a lot more people aren't expressing such opinions.

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