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Thread: Politics

Author Image Gerry Patterson. The world's most humble blogger
There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't.

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Date: Sat, 31 May 2014 23:30:00 +1000

Once again political events have prompted your humble blogger to clean the dust and cobwebs from his humble keyboard and resume his humble musings.

The last time your humble blogger limbered up and sat at his keyboard was to blog about the threat of an Internet Filter. This threat has long since subsided. And your humble blogger allowed his blog to lapse into disrepair.

Recently our Liberal government delivered their first budget ... American readers please note the word Liberal is spelt with a large "L" and bears no resemblance to the American definition of the word. In fact the LIBERAL party seems to have been taken over by right wing hard-liners who have taken a few shambling step towards a few long term goals that have long been near and dear to their little hearts ... Namely:

Now your blogger must in all humility concede that free market principals have delivered some remarkable advances ... Google, the MIDI standard ... And yes it might seem to those in power, that scientists spend too much time doing research on climate change and public broadcasters devote too much air time broadcasting about those same scientists ... Nevertheless the free market has not always delivered best practice ... Examples such as .. The Great Depression, Enron, the 2008 GFC ... etc.

In particular, your blogger who strives for World's Best Practice in humility, must admit that he is concerned about the potential for the rising cost of tertiary education.

The treasurer, a former moderate, now seems to have become a mouth-piece for the prime minister, and has expressed the opinion that younger readers should be either earning or learning. This when, on his watch, employment opportunities for younger readers seem to have decreased. While there are less opportunities to earn ... It seems if you are in that (younger) age group dear reader it could become quite a bit more expensive to learn.

Now your blogger will concede that it is one of the operations of a market to send price signals, he cannot help opining it seems rather disingenuous for politicians who mostly benefited from free (or heavily subsidised) education to be now advocating a significant increase in the cost of younger readers' education.

Your blogger must also observe that the current crop of hard-liners who have captured the LIBERAL party are very keen about sending price signals to those who want health, education or food ... They are not keen on sending price signals about carbon or mineral resources.

In fact your blogger might humbly submit, that at a point when education (and scientific research) seems the best way to cope with technology change (and climate change), the priorities of this latest budget seem ... Distorted.

Unfortunately when this blog was created, your blogger assumed that there would be at least one post per month. Back issues will be populated over the next few days from your blogger's humble diaries and inbox.

More later ...

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