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Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2016 19:46:55 +1100

This evening the following found its way into my inbox:

A friend of this website, and a self-professed "true friend to all world citizens", communicated to your humble blogger as below:

Dear Political Pals, I was very amused on TV news today (Thursday) to hear that unexpected political choices and outcomes such as choosing Trump over Clinton, or Brexit, or whatever, so say some pundits, are unintended consequences of the very forces of Globalisation that they are meant to defy.

This could seem paradoxical or even be hard to understand? Maybe even counter-intuitive? You get either the opposite of what you thought you wanted (eg, globalisation) or you get something to defy it or slow it down.

It seems, that the forces of Globalisation are shifting businesses around the world, but not workers, who unfortunately have budgets, tastes, situations, children, and indeed lives that tend to keep them inconveniently tied to the one area. No one however wishes to claim that Capitalists are being unreasonable by way of abandoning the workers, it is the workers who are the flies in the ointment here. Who then is most to blame for our current malaise, then? Workers who won't/can't move, or Capitalists who do move? Evidently this question is so unanswerable the answer to it has to be global. But we say, really?

It's almost as though this sort of thing hasn't happened before, ever, as in Vietnam, when the USA was obliged to destroy the village in order to save it. It's almost as though, and wouldn't it be nice, as though and as if the USA could control more than one street in its jurisdictions; Wall Street in 2008.

It's also as though Globalisation had actually made some progress (while eg., the US owes so much money to China). It's as though (gasp) there was a ghost was in the machine ... or as though someone prescribed the wrong drugs, or was it just the right drug in the wrong dosage? Is it true as Leonard Cohen once alleged, that it was fools who locked up the wrong man who wanted to rule the world?

It's also rather as though the cause wasn't something in the water, or in the air (like carbon dioxide in the atmosphere) or in the food chain (like the effects of all that ultra-violet radiation on animals in the food chain). Or, is it due to watching episodes of Game of Thrones out of correct sequence? Or is it due to extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds? Or, is it due to bad or incorrect economic theories? Wrong-headed political theories? Due to remnants of a childish fear of darkness? Due to engagement in mentally-ruinous card games? Due to losing the war on terror, the war on drugs, and such brave battles against bad movies as we have seen?

Or is it due to over-delighted possession of 20/20 hindsight? Or as seems more likely, due more to 50/50-ism in the gambling streak we inherited from our mother's side (Damn you, Granpa!) Or is it due to the night prowling of werewolves? Or too much ergot in the barley? Or the sinfulness of the people so that God becomes wrathful? Or is it more like Gaia getting merely annoyed, shaking off a few fleas, getting comfortable again and turning over to go back to sleep?

Ponder all these things deeply. Remember, it's your call. There is no such thing as society. The buck stops right in front of you. We all have to take responsibility for our own actions. Reject also, all ideas that it might be due to the number of available conspiracy theories reaching saturation level. Worry about a future full of fake news. Remember, too, that elephants in the room eventually poop all over the furniture and it smells really bad. Get used to it.

Take care as you Vaya Con Dios. Think up new political slogans and sell them on eBay. Cross your fingers and hope not to die. Touch wood and recheck all your herbal remedies soon.

On the other hand, remember too, if it sucks, stop any sucking at least at your end.

Yrs faithfully, The Random Malice of the Universe Personified.

While your blogger does not necessarily endorse opinions such as the above, he does understand why some might express them.

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