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Thread: General/Opinion

Author Image Gerry Patterson. The world's most humble blogger
Throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart .... And a very stable genius at that! -- Donald Trump, 2018.

The Ides Of March, April and May ...

Chronogical Blog Entries:

Date: Wed, 31 May 2017 23:59:00 +1000

Yes dear reader, for most of 2017, webizens have heard trump, Trump, TRUMP! ... The marching jackbooted tramp of tweets (with lots of capital letters). And we are all feeling a little TRUMPED out. But if you dear reader are suffering from TRUMP fatigue, there are signs of a change ... Could the wheels be about to fall off the alt-right bandwagon?

The buzzard took the monkey for a ride in the air
The monkey thought that everything was on the square
The buzzard tried to throw the monkey off his back
The monkey grabbed his neck and said,
"Now, listen, Jack
Straighten up and fly right, straighten up and fly right
Straighten up and fly right, cool down papa, don't you blow your top"

Straighten Up And Fly Right -- Nat King Cole and Irving Mills.

Your humble blogger must confess to being nonplussed by the (mostly) American alt-right revolution that for a while looked as if it would sweep all before it. ... First there was Brexit. Then Trump ... And before long there was excited chatter from alt-righters about Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen ... And even our own home-grown Pauline Hanson, who like others in the alt-right stable was busily re-modelling, re-fashioning and re-positioning her political profile into the "mainstream" (whatever that means these days).

And then came the Ides of March. A decisive West Australian Election seemed to be a rejection of the alt-right agenda. Pauline Hanson had re-built her reputation and her re-positioning project seemed well underway ... Some polls had predicted a significant swing to her party. However her attempts to take on board some of the more loony elements of the American alt-right doctrine, such as "vaccination", failed to appeal to voters in the West. She saw results much lower than predicted ... And immediately blamed said results on the preference deal she cut with the Liberal Party, who have had ongoing problems with their own right-wing faction.

On the other side of the Pacific, Judge Derrick K. Watson issued a restraining order against the TRUMP Muslim Travel Ban V 2.0. In his ruling, the mild-mannered and (usually) quietly spoken judge quoted from Mr. Trump's own election rhetoric ... Was this a case of being hoisted one's own petard? ... It was followed by the usual tweets from the president ... Which only demonstrated that he was still struggling with comprehending the US system of government and his role in it ... It was perhaps beginning to dawn on him that he was not the CEO of the USA or the host of the USA reality show ... And that there were various arms of government and legislature that he did not control. More lessons would also have to be learned. His own party did not endorse the health care reform mark I, and mark II still has to find its way through the upper house.

When I hear the word "Culture" ... I reach for my gun!

-- Joseph Goebbels

Even though (according to Wikipedia) Goebbels may not have actually spoken the above words, we can easily imagine that he might have ... And your blogger could well imagine that some of our less liberal minded cousins across the Pacific might utter such a phrase, as they take their firearms from the gun-safe and clean and polish them lovingly.

While the right wing of the (Australian) Liberal party remains fixated on the sexual preferences of parties seeking matrimonial approbation and the heinous restriction of their right to insult and offend people in public on the grounds of race, gender and ethnicity ... It seems the restless mooing herd has other concerns, that do not coincide with their tight, single-track agenda ... And there is also general unrest amongst this right faction ... Senator Bernadi, having left the party decided that it might be more prudent to join forces with the Family First party, rather than seek to divide his shrinking natural constituency further.

Furthermore, voters around the world seem to be concerned about the mismanagement of the 2008 Financial crisis (largely manufactured in Wall Street) ... However it seems they are not so willing to buy into the alt-right agenda, which has also been mostly manufactured in the USA ... Although the anti-immigration sentiments, expressed by the alt-right, taps into voters concern about issues surrounding the wash-up from the financial crisis, it fails to address the issues and instead targets certain ethnic groups (such as "Asians", "Muslims", "Mexicans", "Eastern-Europeans" ... etc). And the irony of a movement that opposes globalisation becoming globalised is mostly lost on the proponents, most of whom would spell globalisation with a "z" (which your humble blogger pronounces as "zed" ... Not "zee") ... And in part the irony is lost because many of them find it difficult to distinguish between irony and sarcasm.

And so Marine Le Pen, darling of the global alt-right, was decisively defeated in the French election ... And Mr. Trump continued to wreak havoc on the American political landscape, sacking the director of the FBI, and continuing with the strange practice of ill-constructed barely comprehensible tweets late at night ... Something which is causing great distress amongst the Republican establishment in the USA ... Some of them uttering in despair ... "That someone has got to tell him to stop" ... However it seems that President Trump is unable to stop himself ... Possibly the president felt the need to empty his mind at the same time that he empties his bowels in the wee small hours? ... The tweets continue to become increasingly erratic and incoherent ... Dan Byrnes, Armidale poet and historian has constructed a webpage titled Who does President Snowflake Trump make cry today? ... And it seems to your humble blogger that the page might be considerable shorter had Dan asked who Mr. Trump has not lately reduced almost to tears ... Or at least laughter ... Sometimes dear reader you gotta laugh or you just might cry ...

Now as the first day of winter looms in Australia, it must already be the first day of Summer for our American cousins. It seems it will be a hot summer for President Trump. As his opponents make allegations about collusion with Russia ... However it seems to your humble blogger that many opponents don't mention that President Trump is probably most vulnerable in regard to "Conflict of Interest". He has not put his assets and business interests at arm's length while he carries out the duties of his office ... But then again that is probably such a general failing throughout the American body politic that none of the ruling class want to mention it ... Or at lest not too loudly?

Update 2017-06-12:

Since this entry was first composed, there have been several significant developments. James Comey testified before Congress, and made serious allegations about President Trump, who has continued his self-destructive and barely comprehensible tweeting. Among the more remarkable of his tweets were hints that there may be tapes of the conversations that took place between the president and Comey ... Even if this were true ... And your humble blogger must confess that he finds it difficult to believe that Trump would be so stupid as to actually tape such conversations ... But even if it were true, surely (your humbly blogger opines) Trump would not be so foolish as to mention them (the tapes)? Trump is after all old enough to remember Watergate.

And yet the tweets continue ... As ever these erratic utterances materialise from the president's brain like the expression of a bizarre separate personality ... Often, after presenting himself at the front entrance as a (relatively) sane, composed and well-dressed Dr. Jeckyll ... A strange misshaped tweet later emerges from the rear entrance like an ugly and bestial Mr. Hyde and scurries out into the Twitterverse to do some mischeif ... It must be driving his minders to new depths of despair ...

Across the Atlantic, Britain's Theresa May failed to gain a majority in the snap election that she called. Instead of obtaining the mandate she sought for Brexit, she now appears to be fatally wounded by her own hubris. And Brexit looks to be become an albatross that will be hung around her neck ... The issue of Brexit now looks as though it will become as toxic for British politicians as Emissions Trading (AKA Carbon Tax) has been for their Australian counterparts.

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