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Thread: Only in the USA

Author Image Dan Byrnes. Poet, historian, raconteur
The era of the political assassin is over, and thank God for that. -- Tony Abbott, August 2018

Happy Clappy Trump

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Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2017 20:48:00 +1000

Dan Byrnes, poet, raconteur, historian and oft times email correspondent writes:

To call Mr Trump, Mr Happy-Clappy Trump.

That's right, he's such a reality TV clown (and host) that he probably doesn't realise he's doing it, but he's continually happy-clapping. i.e., happy-clapping his audience.

I think it's odd behaviour myself, but it seems to be TV host etiquette, I got this idea this afternoon when I happened to catch TV host Grant Denyer happy-clapping his game show audience. Some of the guests on QI from the UK happy-clap their audience, I recall.

Of course, happy-clapping as far as I know so far is a term of derision meant for the kind of evangelical folks who go along to Hill Song religious frenzies in Sydney, so I will rest my case right here, sir, before it gets too smelly and along with the poo of the elephant-in-the-room, drives us out of the room and into the great outdoors to be hunted down implacably by drones sent out by the USA's Dept of Homeland Credibility.

Yrs in smug Reality TV satisfaction, etc,


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