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Thread: General/Opinion

Author Image Dan Byrnes. Poet, historian, raconteur
Your Most Esteemed And Very Humble Blogger

That Word "Zombie"

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Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2017 23:00:00 +1000

Dan Byrnes, frequent email correspondent writes:

Morning Gerry, I hate to say it, but that word "zombie" is used today by to refer to the "zombie economy". Is that the economy which works by itself no matter which political party (mix) is in power? I mean, gasp, the REAL economy?

Which reminds me, have you ever considered that to say a word over and over again, is to render it meaningless. Try it some time, it's fun. So, to overuse the word "zombie" is to render it meaningless. I do this all the time with word-sets such as "Australian monarchy".

Also was reminded on tv lately of the time when something dreadful happened to the Irish economy (something like, the money supply dried up). The Irish coped fine by writing each other IOU's, and she be right, mate. So give us two more pints then, could you?

Now your humble blogger must confess that although he has heard of zombie banks and zombie companies ... This was the first time he had heard of zombie economies ... A whole economy? The mind boggles ...

Update 2018-03-01: Perhaps Dan was an early adopter of this term? An article by Stan Grant on the ABC News site poses the question Does Australlia have a zombie economy?

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