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Thread: Only in the USA

Author Image Dan Byrnes. Poet, historian, raconteur
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Drowning In Thomas Jefferson's Bathtub

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Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2018 18:51:00 +1100

WASHINGTON - President Trump has precipitated a showdown on immigration, raising the possibility of a US government shutdown.

Dan Byrnes, historian, poet and blogger and frequent correspondent writes:

20 January 2018: Today the big news is that the US Federal Government is to shutdown partially because the USA has now grown too stupid to fund its own government. Amidst the US Opioid Epidemic, the only things left to do that would be even more stupid than this would be to sink voluntarily into the From Sea to Shining Sea, to pay "the socialists" to take over the country since the Democrats and Republicans are too stupid to do it anymore! Or maybe to outsource things to Russia? "Utter madness", at least one senior US politician screeches. Well, he got that right.

Research shows (only about three seconds of research on the Net), that the US Federal Government has been shut down about 16 times since 1979. That's 16 times by now that the USA has been too stupid to fund its own government. It looks like, Thomas Jefferson with his distrust of government should be rotating at ultra-high speed in his grave, You know the conservative joke in the USA: how big should government be? No bigger than anything you can drown in the bathtub. Well, now it's happened, the poor thing is drowned and it's dead and now it needs to be buried. Now Mexico is really going to have to pay for the Wall! Except that the USA has only about three million Federal employees, that's less than one per cent of the population. This is Big Government? We don't think so. Anyway, why should this webpage care, it's Australian, not American. You do the math. Bah humbug, we say.

Thus is the US not re-greated on the first anniversary of The Year of Trump. Go figure. This will probably get much worse before it gets any better. God bless America 'cos no one else will, not any more.

While the opinions expressed above do not necessarily correspond with those held by this site, your humble blogger can understand why some might express them.

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