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Thread: Global Warming/Bio-Security

Author Image Dan Byrnes. Poet, historian, raconteur
I don't live today. --- Jimi Hendrix

June 2021 Climate Update

Chronogical Blog Entries:

Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2021 23:00:00 +1000

June 2021 Climate Update

Submitted by Dan Byrnes ...

2021-06-03 "Sea snot" (foam?) now affecting Turkey's Sea of Marmara might have a climate change explanation? (Will it grow and spread to other waterways? Seems it will.) BBC Headlines. 2-6-2021: Mathias Cormann calls for "ambitious" plan to reach net-zero emissions. Market-based economic principles work ($) - Mathias Cormann (The Australian): "More and more countries are committing to net-zero emissions as soon as possible and by no later than 2050. The challenge is how to turn those commitments into outcomes and to achieve our objective in a cost-effective, economically responsible and publicly supported way that will not leave people behind. During the next 100 days we need to operationalise the OECD's International Program for Action on Climate.

2021-06-04 Greens are right: Exploded Callide turbine should be replaced by a big battery - Giles Parkinson (RenewEconomy): "In the interminable madness of Australia's debate about energy politics, it has taken a Greens member of state parliament to cut through and demonstrate an understanding of technology and economics that appears beyond the major parties. Queensland state Greens MP Michael Berkman said on Wednesday that the idea of spending hundreds of millions of dollars on replacing the destroyed coal power unit - as proposed by the state-owned CS Energy, and eagerly supported by both Labor and the LNP - was nuts."

2021-06-04 Tasked to fight climate change, a secretive UN agency does the opposite.

2021-06-05 Woolworth's supermarket (the fresh food people) seems to be running green adverts. (?) p. 5, SMH.

2021-06-05 Green power ignites all-in brawl: Wind, hydrogen project sees activists at odds as industries stake competing claims. Weekend Australian p. 10.

2021-06-05 ASIC "greenwashing" crackdown: Watchdog warns against false environmental claims. Weekend Australian Business Review. Also, How to turn iron ore into green energy [Shuttleworth]. Also, S&P warns energy giants face growing risk. Also, Solar replaces wind as biggest source of renewable energy. Also, Price is a right for carbon, by John Durie on p. 36. Weekend Australian Business Review.

2021-06-05 Norwegian island has bushfires. Evening Commercial TV News.

When else do we hear that islands of Norway are aflame? Never before!

2021-06-05 Survey shows that world is still hooked on coal. SMH.

2021-06-07 Cane farmer plants seeds of a brighter future for ailing reef. (Re Great Barrier Reef near Cairns Qld.) SMH. p. 1 and p. 8.

2021-06-08 News Sharma v Environment Minister "The thing that struck me most ... was the concept of climate justice. The people who have done the least to cause the climate crisis, largely those in developing countries, will be worst affected by it, and will be the least equipped to deal with it. This includes my family in India, along with all people of colour across the world and First Nations communities." The Saturday Paper Today, The Monthly.

2021-06-08 Brisbane: CEDA event "Developing Queensland's hydrogen industry" will include speeches from Queensland Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen Mick de Brenni; CEO of Australian Renewable Energy Agency Darren Miller; Origin Energy general manager Tracey Boyes; and Aurecon managing director Paul Gleeson.

2021-06-09 ScoMo is to speak internationally (to G7 attendees) on Australia's climate change proposals.

2021-06-12 John Durie column, Telstra rings in the changes: business must make the running on climate change: The Weekend Australian, Business Review section.

2021-06-12 Investors (managing AUD$53 trillion) in global warming warning to governments. Do not be slow. Weekend Australian (which recommends slowness), p. 27.

2021-06-12 Big Oil over a barrel on climate change but chases last hurrah. SMH business section.

2021-06-12 It's official: Southern Ocean is world's fifth. Slow learners: the US' National Geographic Service now maps the Southern Ocean as the world's fifth. We're impressed with their speed! This has happened since 1999! Looks like the sky's the limit now! (For those that don't know, the Southern Ocean is south of the Pacific.) SMH, p. 45.

2021-06-12 NSW pursues renewables amid federal policy hole. SMH

2021-06-13 Attenborough: G7 faces historic climate decisions. BBC Headlines:

2021-06-14 Switzerland by close national vote rejects proposed "carbon dioxide" law. ABC Morning TV.

2021-06-16 GLOBAL WARNING Findings from the world's largest mission to the North Pole suggest global warming may have already passed an irreversible tipping point, with Al Jazeera reporting that lead researcher Markus Rex has revealed at a Berlin presentation that summer Arctic sea ice is retreating faster than ever before. Here in Australia, Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor has fended off attempts by Labor and the Greens to block his regulations redirecting the Australian Renewable Energy Agency to fund industrial emitters and resources projects, including, RenewEconomy notes, carbon capture and storage. Taylor coincidentally threw another $50 million at CCS projects last week, including $15 million for a good friend of the Coalition's, Santos Limited. Over to the stenographers at The Australian ($), and Japan has "guaranteed the future of new coal-fired power stations and Australian exports" by insisting that the final G7 communique allow for coal plants that use CCS.

2021-06-17 Dead in the water: Key crossbenchers reject Coalition demand to back new environment standards

2021-06-18 Flying electric car takes off in South Australian desert ahead of Formula One-style races

2021-06-19 Earth is warming "faster than expected". The amount of heat the earth traps has doubled since 2005. SMH, p. 39.

2021-06-19 From National Editor Dennis Shanahan. G7 triumph leaves Labor lost for words on climate. Weekend Australian.

2021-06-19 Australian PM's climate pitch: let's be practical. Also, (confusingly): Federal Nats told by NSW Liberal Govt to get out of the way on net-zero. Weekend Australian, p. 2.

2021-06-19 Article based on Thomas Picketty's new research in Thomas Picketty, Amory Gethin, Clara Martinez-Toledano, (Eds), Political Cleavages and Social Inequalities. Harvard University Press, Nov. 2021. See research database at: . Australian ALP stumbles across old class divides. Weekend Australian

2021-06-19 With Bjorn Lomborg, a new zero change of climate success, exposing the dangers of the green warriors' doublethink - Weekend Australian. Also, gas giants under the pump over climate. (Former Woodside chairman Michael Chaney says oil and gas companies will be operating for decades to come.) Weekend Australian, pp. 21Ff; p. 32, by John Durie on Lessons in climate action. (On carbon credits).

2021-06-24 New renewables now beating most operational coal: IRENA report.

2021-06-27 Tornadoes in Quebec Canada. Commercial evening TV news.

2021-06-28 US National Weather: Re Canada heat warnings, US (west coast) for Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho. BBC Headlines.

2021-06-28 Climate action is still hotly contested in Australia. BBC Headlines.

2021-06-29 Spaghetti soup: Top fundies back push to force ASX300 firms to disclose

2021-06-29 Canada Heat: Record-breaking temperatures hit British Columbia - a heat dome. BBC Headlines, and instances of fire soar by 2- 7-2021. BBC Headlines

2021-06-30 A group of Australia's biggest coal generators have roundly condemned proposed market rule changes favoured by federal energy minister Angus Taylor that are seen as an effective subsidy to ageing coal plants. In a submission to the Energy Security Board's draft, AGL Energy (Australia's biggest coal generation company) says the proposed changes have a "fundamental flaw": they would protect existing generation but give no signal to new investment or new technologies. The Monthly Today.

2021-06-30 Australia shouldn't be poster boy for climate change perils Sussan Ley (The Australian): "Once again, the sometimes troubled waters of the Great Barrier Reef are being politicised as a lens through which the world can argue climate change. Global climate change threatens landscapes, biodiversity, nature and people. Tropical and temperate coral reefs, and the marine ecosystems they support, are no exceptions. Climate change is real and it is the biggest threat facing the reef; it requires global action rather than global promises."

2021-06-30 Chart of the day: Australia's growing climate complacency - Ketan Joshi (RenewEconomy): "Polling firm Essential Vision recently released an update of a long-running poll in which they have been asking respondents to gauge how much they think Australia is doing on climate action - and how much they think it should be doing. It shows some genuinely worrying results. Broadly, the number of people who think that Australia is doing too much on climate remains low, but is still at its highest level since the poll began in 2016, at 12% of respondents."

2021-06-30 Wild weather and snow afflicts New Zealand air travel. 4.22am ABC TV News.

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