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Thread: Global Warming/Bio-Security

Author Image Dan Byrnes. Poet, historian, raconteur
I didn't sign up for this s**t!

July 2021 Climate Update

Chronogical Blog Entries:

Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2021 23:00:00 +1000

Submitted by Dan Byrnes ...

2021-07-02 The milk of human genius "These plant-based dairy alternatives are going gangbusters, at least in the Western world, with the projected market in 2019 worth about US$14 billion, and 8 per cent annual growth projected over the next decade. Market intelligence agency Mintel estimated that nearly a quarter of Britons used some sort of plant-based milk alternative in the three months to February 2019. In the United States, sales of plant-based milks increased more than 60 per cent in the five years to 2018, while dairy milk sales fell 15 per cent over six years. The largest dairy producer in the US, Dean Foods, filed for bankruptcy protection in November 2019, with competition from plant-based alternatives cited as one of the factors contributing to its downfall." The Monthly Today.

2021-07-02 THE HEAT IS ON Millions of Australians may have shivered through a bitterly cold month, but it was an absolute scorcher for several countries sweating through the opposite season. Yesterday, Omidiyeh, a city in Iran recorded a high of 51 degrees, while on 22 June, Kuwait's Nuwaiseeb recorded 53.2 degrees. In the past week alone there have been 486 sudden deaths amid a heatwave topping 50 degrees in Canada's southwest. Al Jazeera has mapped the hottest temperatures around the world. It comes as Australia ranks last for climate action among UN member countries, Guardian Australia reports. A bleak future stares back at us: Australia's rainforests will dry out, heatwaves will become more intense, and thunderstorms will create heavier flooding, the SMH reports, with findings drawn from the federal government's Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub report. But the week also brought some good environmental news! The Kangaroo Island dunnart has been declared predator-free, calves are thriving on NSW's south coast amid a fox-control program, spotted-tail quolls are making a 30-year comeback near Sydney, and a "chunky", "delightful" endangered mouse has survived drought and bushfires in Queensland.

2021-07-03 Wildfires on Cyprus, with Israel assisting. SBS TV Evening News on 5-7-2021.

2021-07-03 Peter Ridd article - Great Barrier Reef groups score a spectacular own goal. Weekend Australian newspaper, Inquirer.

2021-07-03 Electric vehicles: Wall Street can't agree on Tesla's worth. w/e Sydney Morning Herald, Business, p. 6. 2-7-2021. US head dome triggers floods in Utah. Evening TV News.

2021-07-04 Arctic ice - feeling the heat (March is cooler, September is warmer). BBC Headlines.

2021-07-04 150 wildfires in West Canada, town of Lytton is wiped out, Canadian PM Mr Justin Trudeau comments re climate change. DW News/ABC Night TV.

2021-07-05 Abstract: News media portrayals of climate change have strongly influenced personal and global efforts to mitigate it through news production, individual media consumption, and personal engagement. This chapter explores the media framing of mitigation strategies, including the effects of media routines, factors that drive news coverage, the influences of claims-makers, scientists, and other information sources, the role of scientific literacy in interpreting climate change stories, and specific messages that mobilize action or paralysis. It also examines how journalists often explain complex climate science and legitimize sources, how audiences process competing messages about scientific uncertainty, how climate stories compete with other issues for public attention, how large-scale economic and political factors shape news production, and how the media can engage public audiences in climate change issues. (Keywords: Climate Change Climate Policy Polar Bear News Story Public Engagement). These keywords were added by machine and not by the authors. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. From a website run by

2021-07-05 Teaser to p. 9, article by Claire Lehmann, Time to look at nuclear power to beat climate change, or "Savvy activists cast nuclear benefits in a fresh green light". The Australian newspaper, front page. Page 11 has a story on the Canadian "heat dome". Canadian military is on alert, climate change maybe the underlying cause, record high temperatures are certainly more frequent. Lightning has caused many fires. Page 11 also has a Japan landslide story. The Australian

2021-07-05 The judgement that changed climate law in Australia In a recent landmark judgement, the Federal Court has found that the government owes children a duty of care in preventing harm from the impacts of climate change. The case, which centred around the proposed expansion of a NSW coalmine, could have far-reaching legal implications in Australia. LISTEN NOW / The Monthly Today.

2021-07-05 US urges Australia to adopt "more ambitious climate goals" as pressure mounts on Morrison to act -

2021-07-05 Lib-Nat drag on climate "a risk to investment" 12 June, 2021: The sun kings: solar panels are blanketing vast areas of (Australian) farmland as the renewables revolution gathers pace. It's a windfall for farmers, but not everyone is happy. Story by Greg Bearup. The Weekend Australian, 12-13 June, 2021. May 8-9, 2021: Is climate hysteria the storm before the calm? Global panic over climate change is not based on fact, says Barack Obama's chief scientist. The Weekend Australian newspaper, Article by Adam Creighton, Washington correspondent. SMH p. 9.

Note: No sarcasm tags were harmed during the making of this section of this website. Not a single one, Oh no no no!

2021-07-06 Climate change: the brewery using algae to cut emissions. On Australian (Sydney) craft brewery, Young Henrys. BBC Headlines

2021-07-06 Climate change seems rampant this summer of the Northern Hemisphere. Weather trouble just now is afflicting Miami USA, the isle of ?? SBS/ABC evening TV world news.

2021-07-07 BBC correspondent: why Canada's high temperatures scare me. BBC Headlines:

2021-07-07 Risk of North American heat dome (on the west coast) melting Canadian permafrost and releasing methane (clathrates). Australian ABC TV 7.30 Report citing US academic Dr. Kristina Dahl ex-Rutgers University.

2021-07-09 Windstorm in Gambia, Africa: BBC Headlines.

2021-07-10 We're at ground zero on carbon emissions targets. The Weekend Australian, Inquirer, p. 14, 10-11 July 2021.

2021-07-10 Nuclear Stacks Up: Cue the meltdown. Story by Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan. The Weekend Australian, Inquirer, p. 17, 10-11 July 2021.

You see, folks, our fave in-house metahistorian, Rupert Murdoch, has decided in his wisdom that nuclear power is now the go.

2021-07-10 Interview with Australian environmentalist Tim Jarvis. The Weekend Australian magazine, single page, 10-11 July 2021.

2021-07-10 Risk of losing licence clouds solar energy giant. The Weekend Australian, 10-11- July 2021, Business Review pp. 21 and 24.

2021-07-11 US braces for (more) record-breaking temperatures on west coast. Death Valley has recorded more than 54C. BBC Headlines and Channel 10 evening TV news.

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