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Thread: Global Warming/Bio-Security

Author Image Dan Byrnes. Poet, historian, raconteur
When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

August 2021 Climate Update

Chronogical Blog Entries:

Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2021 14:59:35 +1000

Submitted by Dan Byrnes ...

2021-08-10 Greek fires on the island of Evia: Island's rugged beauty fuels fire. The Australian, p. 9.

Evidently, the Environment Editor of The Australian thinks that "rugged beauty" fuels fires in Greece. Pardon us but we think it is something different. What is happening is that during a summer an entire territorial zone of the Northern Hemisphere is aflame, from California across to Turkey. Across continents, too. What is happening with the tundra areas of Russia and Canada, The Australian newspaper is not telling us! Because it isn't asking! But the best journalism is a thing of answers to good questions.

2021-08-10 Comment: Ok folks,

What has happened now that the IPCC has delivered its 2021 report is that Rupert Murdoch has conceded that the "theoretical" science is probably "in", but thrown up his hands in despair at the rest of it, and left things at the "inevitable" slowness of the responses of business and/or politics. Of course, presumably RM (now world metahistorian, mind you) and his various newspapers and TV interests will now continue to report "responsibly" on the increasingly difficult nexus between the conceded science and the contortions of politics around the word as things get worse. It seems to this compiler that as he is a business man as well as a journalist, RM will now follow his own finance pages, and he will remain a slow-down fellow/climate change sceptic. So RM has escaped what "theoretical" science might recommend. Evidence? RM's chief Australian newspaper, The Australian, has a box-ticking front-page story by "Environment Editor" Graham Lloyd, on the science. But inside RM has an editorial that is replete with references to natural phenomena as an explanation for apparent climate change, and is headlined, "the politics of climate change is far from settled". So now we know; the science of climate change might be settled but the politics isn't. Which unfortunately is true enough. So Barnaby Joyce, it's over to you and the views of the NP.

2021-08-10 Energy stored in electric car batteries could power your home or stabilise the grid - and save you money (ABC).

2021-08-10 Australia - The NSW Smart Energy Summit will be held online, with talks from NSW Energy and Environment Minister Matt Kean, NSW Roads and Transport Minister Andrew Constance, businesswoman and former Sydney lord mayor Lucy Turnbull, and federal Labor climate and energy spokesman Chris Bowen. (what's on)

2021-08-14 Rain was observed at the highest point on the Greenland Ice Sheet for several hours, and air temperatures remained above freezing for about nine hours. This was the third time in less than a decade, and the latest date in the year on record, that the National Science Foundation's Summit Station had above-freezing temperatures and wet snow. There is no previous report of rainfall at this location (72.58 degrees N 38.46 degrees W), which reaches 3,216 meters (10,551 feet) in elevation. National Snow and Ice Data Centre

2021-08-23 Rain in Greenland another worrying climate change milestone: More on the Greenland ice melt with guest reporter Matt Bevan. This is the first time that rain has been observed at this location in Greenland. The Greenland ice sheet is a body of ice the size of Queensland, which has been there in various forms for the last 18 million years. There was a considerable increase in the retreat of the ice during a warming period between ten and seven thousand years ago. However the current rate of ice loss is about four times that experienced at the highest losses during that warming period. One of the main contributors to melting is rain, which not only melts the ice but when if falls at a higher elevation can help lubricate the "flow" of ice towards the sea. According to the recent IPCC report, the melting of the ice in Greenland alone will add between 8 and 15 centimetres to the rise in sea level this century. The worrying thing is that the melting is accelerating. If all of the ice in Greenland were to melt it would raise the level of the sea by seven metres. Breakfast with Fran Kelly, ABC RN

2021-08-25 Pacific update (1): In the wake of the confronting IPCC report on climate change, Pacific nations aren't buying the argument made by some countries - namely, Australia - that we are too small to make a real contribution to emissions reduction ... Guest Speaker: Tess Newton Cain, project Leader for the Griffith Asia Institute's Pacific Hub. LNL with Phillip Adams, ABC RN

According to the IPCC report, temperatures will be well above pre-industrial levels by more than 1.5 degrees within a decade.

2021-08-25 Pacific Update (2): Exxon's ultra-deepwater drilling project off the coast of Guyana is expected to reap over 9 billion barrels of oil over the next 20 years. Antonia Juhasz has been investigating the project and has found that there are several areas for concern, the most important one being safety. With Guest Speaker: Freelance investigative journalist, Antonia Juhasz LNL with Phillip Adams, ABC RN

2021-08-28 The Science Show celebrates 46 years and recalls a warning given at the start. The first Science Show, on 30th August 1975 came from the Pacific Science Congress in Vancouver Canada. Peter Ritchie-Calder, then UK spokesman on energy in the House of Lords, had a dire warning about the amount of fossil carbon being pumped out of the bowels of the earth and into the atmosphere and the effect it was already having and would continue to have on climate ... His complaint? "We've been warning about this since 1963 ... And here we are in 1975 and you've still done nothing!" ... Robyn Williams recalls that this conversation took place exactly 46 years ago ... The Science Show with Robyn Williams, ABC RN

Plus ca change plus c'est la meme chose ...

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