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A Growth Industry

Generally only spammers make money from spam! However there is one industry which does make money from spam - Internet Porn! In this case spam would seem to be an integral part of the supply chain.

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   The Internet Filter Is An Ex-parrot!

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PGTS Journal Edition 0017
August, 2003

Power Outage

Unfortunately there has been considerable damage done to this site due to a two short sharp power outages at 01-Aug-2003 00:00 +1000. The webpages have been reconstructed. Unfortunately the logfiles for July have been lost.

Spam / Internet Porn

This month features yet another article on SPAM. The topic is quite hot in Australia, where the federal government has announced their intention to go ahead with the planned legislation against spamming.

I have stated many times that such legislation would be ill-advised and counter productive. This is not inconsistent with the "anti-spam" opinions expressed at this site. A legal response to the problem of spam is inapropriate and may even be counter-productive. More about this later.

With all the debate about spam, I thought another article on the topic would be timely. This month considers the issue of Internet Porn.