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September issue

It's official! It is against the law to

create spam Down Under. Does this mean that we will see an end to spam?

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PGTS Journal Edition 0018
September, 2003

Anti-Spam Laws

This month some more on spam. The Australian Dept of Communications, IT and the Arts (DCITA) has made it official. It is now against the law to spam. So far there does not seem to have been a decrease in the amount of spam. The excuse being given in the mainstream media is that 99% of spam received in Australia does not originate in Australia. Which of course begs the obvious question -- why has the Australian Government legislated against it? So, this month's essay is entitled How will laws against spam work?

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Also it seemed like a good time to aggregate all the spam I have received into a database. This was a rather small sample, due largely to the effectiveness of some of the anti-spam measures that I have undertaken. This database has been enhanced with some contributions from Brian (Sydney). There is still a lot of work to be done on this database. This database has been discontinued ... Ed