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Thread: Internet Security/Malware/Spam

Author Image Gerry Patterson. The world's most humble blogger
This guy has got to go! -- Malcolm Turnbull, September, 2015.

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Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2008 02:13:05 +1000

splog: (Net slang, verb, non-transitive). To create multiple bogus blog entries for the purpose of promoting page ranking in search engines. (A combination of the verbs spam and blog).

Yesterday, I received an interesting email from a netizen who runs a blog called Chaos Chasm II, under the assumed name of Iago de Otto. Of course, he wrote to me using his actual name. He said that he had found my blog entry about Cash Blaster Pro and was following up on it. He has an interesting blog entry about the scammers at Cash Blaster Pro. If there are any victims of this scam they could certainly do themselves a favour by reading what he has to say.

The spammers who engineered this operation are very industrious. They have created phony promotional videos, websites, vast numbers of splogs, huge quantities of spam and seemed (for the time being) to have successfully spammed the search engines. If you enter into Google, most of the top 100 matches are from scammers/sploggers and their dupes cross-linking to each other.

In that top 100 however, there are a few links to sites like and my own humble blog. And these legitimate sites are quickly rising to the top of Google's rankings. If it isn't already there, will soon be the topmost ranking for a query about Cashblasterpro.

The only hope any victims have at present is to find out the real names of the perpetrators. The scheme is almost certainly on the point of collapse. And when events start to catch up with Robert Kuntz and BJ Bishop at, BJ, Laura and the other Kuntz will be hastily vacating the premises.

Oh! and a word of warning to anyone who downloaded their plugin. I haven't bothered to download one (I doubt very much they have a plugin for Linux), but I can say with 99.999% certainly that if there is an actual plugin it will be malware. You can bet your house on it! It is safer than trading in futures markets on the ever increasing price of oil.

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