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Ubuntu Unity

Ubuntu Unity has generated a lot controversy. Some have praised it and some have damned it. But is it fair to describe it as "Ubuntu Vista"?

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Last Updated: 2011-11-20 07:06 UTC

PGTS Journal Edition 0038
October, 2011

Screenshot of Kubuntu 11.04 - Greatly reduced!

Ubuntu Unity

Once again it has been a long time since anything was published here. Overall nothing much has changed since the last publication which was mostly about new versions of Ubuntu and Kubuntu.

The latest versions of Ubuntu work very well ... Provided you have new hardware. It seems that Ubuntu have moved with the times and the operating system now demands significantly more resources than earlier versions. Although I haven't tried it, there is a version of Ubuntu (Lubuntu) which is supposed to cater for older hardware or configurations that are light in the muscle department. It seems that Lubuntu is gaining in popularity and may soon eclipse Xubuntu (which originally was touted as the version of Ubuntu for systems with a light footprint).

For the time being, this edition contains some notes about installing Ubuntu Unity and Kubuntu 11.04. By all accounts Ubuntu Unity is easy to install and provided you have fairly modern hardware the upgrade should go smoothly.

Also there is a sample script written in Tk/Perl which creates pop-up windows for email that arrives in an mbox format inbox. That's because I still use mutt to read my email.

Why on earth would anyone use mutt to read their email? Read my reasons here

Also there is a description of the steps involved getting a Samsung Galaxy S II connected via a LAN firewall.

In the meantime work on this website continues slowly. I am begining to suspect that there is a vast undiscovered pool of mobile browsers in cyberspace, which is not readily visible to older style sites such as this one. The evidence for this is largely anecdotal ... But I can't help noticing the number of mobile devices and the number of people using them seems to be increasing daily. And yet the number of mobile devices in the statistics page seems to be increasing quite slowly. I am coming to the conclusion that mobile users prefer mobile friendly sites. I base this on my own use of a mobile device (a Samsung Galaxy SII), and what I observe others using.

And Google may be aiding this by detecting mobile content for mobile users.

This raises of the question of how does one go about making a website more mobile friendly, without totally re-writing it?

I am currently exploring this to see if there is an answer.