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PGTS Humble Blog

Thread: General/Opinion

And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too -- I'll see you on the dark side of the moon!

Extreme First-class Humility

Chronogical Blog Entries:

Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2013 23:30:00 +1000

Gerry Patterson - The World's Most Humble Blogger.

This blog has been created by your humble blogger using perl CGI scripts. Originally it was built around plain text emails in your blogger's humble Inbox, who at the time was doing research into SPAM and had a regular Inbox with data from various sources that he could publish without having to observing the usual courtesy of asking permission from the owners (spammers)

Over the years this has changed. And the blog has at various stages lapsed. However the original structure remains.

One of the assumptions built into the process was that there would be at least one blog post per month.

This meant that whenever your humble blogger wished to resurrect the blog, he would have to raid his inbox for material to populate the missing slots

Most of the time the impetus to start blogging came from your blogger's inclination to share his humble opinion on matters political, especially those relating to Internet Regulation and Filtering

The first resurrection of this humble blog began in January 2008, when the then Labor government announced the "Internet Filter". Over the next two years it was anything but plain sailing for this ill-advised policy. In fact it experienced some rather strong headwinds until it was shelved in 2012.

Next the equally ill-advised policy of forcing ISPs to retain meta-data so that it can be interrogated by authorities has given your blogger the motivation to resume his most humble blog.

This entry is one of the empty slots which had to be populated because of the assumption (above).

The timestamp for this entry (which used to be taken from the email) has been populated with the time 1 hour before midnight on the last day of the month, so as to preserve the index for these entries.

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