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Thread: Microsoft (Decline Of)

Author Image Gerry Patterson. The world's most humble blogger
There you go. Good on you! Thanks ScoMo! --- Malcolm Turnbull, August 2018

Windows Seven - At Last!

Chronogical Blog Entries:

Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 22:01:20 +1100

The Windows Seven Launch has taken place with predictable spin and hype from the usual suspects. This time (the so-called) "experts" tell us ... "This is the Best Windows Ever!". This time it is going to be "A reason for businesses everywhere to upgrade their computing systems". "This will lift PC sales". "This will start a move towards 64-bit operating systems" "Boost tech sales!" ... Blah-de blah blah de-blah!

But wait just a moment! ... Doesn't all this sound a little familiar?

Ahh yes dear reader. It should sound familiar! ... Because it is exactly the same spin that we heard about Vista! But why would you be surprised about that? It is just what you should expect to accompany a distribution that is no more than SP2 for Vista. In fact if it turns out that Microsoft have indeed fixed the many serious problems in Vista ... Then they have over-charged their customers. Because it should have been shipped free of charge.

Windows Seven will fail, in exactly the same way that Vista has failed, and for exactly the same reasons. You read it first here!

The fact that Vista users are willing to part with so much of their hard-earned cash to purchase the latest service pack is testimony to the remarkable marketing skills of Microsoft as well as to how truly dreadful Vista was, rather than the quality of the latest service pack (aka Windows Seven).

Of course there are a couple of blogs about how marvellous Windows Seven is when you upgrade your XP machine. What!?? Now why does that seem to not ring true dear reader? Isn't it a little difficult to believe that there is anyone out there in the real world, foolish enough to contemplate downgrading their perfectly good (almost working) XP computer? Having successfully resisted the hype and bovine shite that accompanied the Vista launch? Well it does stretch the limits of credulity! Your humble blogger hopes that someone investigates those bloggers who claim to be just plain folks installing Windows Seven on their old XP machines! Seriously dear reader! ... Unless your XP machine was completely broken, your humble blogger would expect, that if you had a problem with it, you'd ask the tech to re-install XP! ... Or maybe you have gotten smart and are ready to try installing Ubuntu ... And if you don't feel up to the task of installing Ubuntu, just ask your kids to cut an ISO disk and give it to grandma and ask her to install it for you. It is without doubt the easiest operating system to install in the entire universe. But where would one find a computer user, not confined to a lunatic asylum that is, who would actually install Windows Seven on an old XP machine for their own personal use?

Well, we already know that there are lot of gullible people. They were the ones who bought Vista two years ago. And any shopper, who doesn't know much about computing, purchasing a new PC, will get Windows Seven of course. Because they don't know any better, and that's all the chain stores supply anyway.

And as to the claim that corporate professionals, people who make a living out of computing and communications, will rush out and purchase Windows Seven for their business environment? Well let's examine that a little closer. Consider the following disadvantages:

Yeah, you could just run everything in XP mode and that would get you out of most of your difficulties ... But come to think of it! Why not just leave XP on all the workstations?. Hey why don't you just wait until Windows Eight comes out and in the meantime, save about $7 million?

Bit hard to argue with the maths. But your humble blogger would like to see a sound case in dollars for turning the whole organisation upside down for a month!

Now if you only have six XP bums on seats and you are a small business without a mainframe, without several AIX machines and no national network ... You might not find Windows Seven so costly. Also you might go for the cheap $1000 computers in the Green Guide. But hey! You resisted the Vista hype. Why not save $6K and defer the upgrade until Windows Eight?

Remarkably, this sort of mathematics, hasn't occurred to the Microsoft mainstream. Which sorta shows how out of touch they are ... They have been too busy selling new operating systems to consumers who really only need a browser and mail user agent. After all, those consumers bought Vista, so won't they buy Windows Seven? Well they will! The average consumer doesn't know any better. Their home computer is now so burdened with viruses, trojans, worms, spam and other Microsoft crapware, that a new machine will positively sparkle!

The propagation of the story that Microsoft computers "just slow down after a couple of months" has been another marketing triumph for Microsoft and has helped boost their sales. The computer illterati regularly go shopping and purchase the latest Microsoftware with a new PC because their home computer has slowed down!

If you are one of these unfortunates, dear reader, your humble blogger has some news that you probably don't want to hear. The reason your home computer is so slow, is because it is so busy. If you're unlucky, it's busy searching your disk for passwords and credit card numbers which it will pass on to a Florida or Russian spam gang. But more likely, it's busy sending spam to other unfortunate Internet users ... And it's very busy trying to infect other sad little microsofties with the same malware!

Sadly, the anti-virus software you purchased is constantly playing catch-up But you will get a brand new suite when you purchase Windows Seven. You can rest assured of that. And it will be really fast! Umm, for the first month or so ... And Come to think of it ... Isn't it strange how Microsoft computers always slow down after the first month or so? And the light on the modem keeps on blinking furiously? Even when you aren't using the darned thing? Funny? Yeah real funny! Just don't die laughing.

Nevertheless the (so-called) experts are telling us that many of you business folk, who occasionally read this humble blog, just can't wait to get out there and purchase some more computers and downgrade your entire computer infrastructure as the home users have done and are doing as you read this.

Which, for the reasons listed above, is why your humble blogger predicts that it will be a much tougher market then the soft-sell the Microsoft friendly bloggers hope for.

Don't expect Windows Seven on many corporate desktops in the next year or so.

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