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Thread: Microsoft (Decline Of)

Author Image Gerry Patterson. The world's most humble blogger
Jojo was a man who thought he was loner --- But he knew it couldn't last.

Counting to ten

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Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2015 07:57:51 +1000

Recently arrived in my inbox, a link to a youtube video about counting to ten (the Microsoft way).

I'm counting the beat, two ... three ... four ... five!
I'm feeling the heat ... Glad to be alive!
I'm counting the beat, six ... seven ... eight ... nine!
I'm wishing that you ... That you were mine ...
La-dah-da-de, there ain't no place I'd rather be
La-da-de-da, la-da-de-da, la-da-de-da ...
--- The swingers, Counting the beat.

Number Nine ...
Number Nine ...
Number Nine ...
--- The Beatles, Revolution Number Nine.

Yes dear reader ... Counting to ten is rather easy. Most kiddies who watched Sesame Street could do it before they went to kindergarten. But many kiddies might be puzzled at the numerically-challenged manner that Microsoft counts to ten ...

Whatever happened to the number nine?

Is it in a coral with "Longhorn"?

Or is it merely a marketing ploy to put more distance between the latest version and the previous rather troubled version (8)?

And dear reader, your blogger has a small herd of Ubuntu computers at his humble abode ... <sarcasm>Now that Windows 10 is free, when should he download it and install it on all workstations and laptops?</sarcasm>

Update: 2015-12-14 The video link to the Youtube video "Counting to ten" is broken ... It has been removed from this entry.

Update: 2016-12-11 A year later and your humble blogger has to eat his words . Windows 10 with the Anniversary update turned out to be much better than the disastrous Windows 8 led us to expect it would be.

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